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you shall come to know [May. 4th, 2007|12:12 am]
Save the Art; Save the World


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...the days I have off from work since that's the only time I really get to draw.

In the interest of A World of Endless Seasons not looking like crap, I'm trying to to find new and interesting ways of inking. I used my black acrylic Speedball ink again but rather than using the dip-pen, I used a thin brush. It takes longer but it's also more accurate and doesn't have the nasty habit of bleeding or speckling abruptly like the pen does. AND it's still waterproof, even when thinned or diluted!

Cresais, now in extra grumpy, fails to dodge a sneaky attack by the as-yet unseen Windswept, Sentinel of Fire. She's Vaishan and Vaishans have a thing for range weapons. Don't worry, he'll be fine. He regenerates instantly. Lucky bugger.

Grimcold Whiteweather, Vaishan warlord. His markings are based on my cat, Timid. Not all of the telpsi have wicked sabre-teeth, just a select few genetic throw-backs like Mr Whiteweather.

Back to you, conmoto!