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...save the world

Save the Art; Save the World
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Save the Art; Save the World! is the shared sketch blog of conmoto and unicornsmith. It's purpose is to garner constructive criticism and shame motivate us to draw more frequently! Nobody likes a blank art blog!

A Bit About Us...
unicornsmith has been making a variety of artistic endeavours since childhood, usually without much seriousness. Of late, she has come onto the idea of making the story that's been bugging her for ten years into a graphic novel and so intends to approach (some of) her art with more technical attention and care.

She also likes to indulge in bouts of shameless fanart.

conmoto has entertained the idea of creating her own webcomics for the past two to three years, and is finally attempting to make the dream come true by learning how to draw.

She would like to advise anyone watching savetheart to be prepared to have WoW fanart invade their friends page and whatever else pops into her head.

WATCH US and SEE what we can do!